About Grassland Elementary School & GSCA

History of Grassland Elementary School:
Grassland Elementary School was established in 1873.  In our 127 year history we have only been housed in a few different locations.   Originally known as Sunnyside School, the school  was built on Hillsboro Road, north of Sneed Hill where the present day Greater Pleasant View Baptist Church is situated.  At that time our  community consisted of lush and lucrative farms. Having grown and needing larger facilities, the school moved into a new building in January 1911, just south of the original location on a hill overlooking present day Moran Road, officially changing its name to Grassland. After World War II, Grassland once again found a new home. In the fall of 1950, Grassland Elementary opened the doors of its new Bethlehem Loop location with 240 students in grades K-8th. In 1972 the school was changed to K-6th and in 1990 Grassland Elementary became a K-5th school. The present facility on Manley Lane opened in August, 1992.

Grassland School Community Association (GSCA):
A warm welcome to each of you and thank you for being part of Grassland School Community Association (GSCA).   With Invest In Your Child funds we are now able to communicate more efficiently with each of you through PTO manager.  This web based program will allow you to plug into school events and volunteer opportunities anytime throughout the school year.  GSCA will continue to keep you informed through our informative email blasts and monthly online newsletters.

GSCA  is the parent support organization for Grassland Elementary School (GES). We are dedicated to implementing volunteers and managing the funds for the volunteer run programs, events and educational enhancements for the student body of Grassland Elementary School.

Please consider volunteering throughout the year on the more than 30 active committees we have established.  You can also click on various skills and interests to help us plug you in to areas you will enjoy.  Thank you for sharing your time and talent with our school!